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Joemeek VC2
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The JOEMEEK Tube Channel is the result of continuing experimental and development work carried out over a 2 year period to incorporate the best of historic design and tube technology as an extension of the development of the other famous JOEMEEK products; the Stereo Compressor the Studio Channel and the ProChannel.

It's best to think of the Tube Channel as four separate pieces of equipment:

1) The Microphone amplifier.
2) The Compressor.
3) The Enhancer.
4) The gain make-up.


the "right" dual channel pre ($1500-$2000)

...a smart move. Here's what I have so far: Chameleon Labs 7602 Chameleon Labs 7622 (dual pre) Peavey/AMR VMP-2 (dual tube pre) Joemeek VC2 (tube channel) OO3 pre's (4) Digimax LT pre's (8) I really like the chameleon labs for drums, guitar, bass...the VMP-2 is useful on drum O.H., snare, etc. I know some of this stuff might need to...

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Tube Pre For Brass/Trombone Under $1000

...heard good things about the UA 610, the ART MPA Gold, and have loved sounds I've heard on a JoeMeek VC2 Tube. Thank you! Any advice is greatly appreciated.

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