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Joemeek sixQ
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I need some Mic and Pre advice

...I've ever seen on a mic of its (A) high quality sound and (B) versatility with variable patterns, pad etc. Joemeek SixQ is a great little channel strip, and the preamp is quite decent (same preamp in the Toft consoles). You also get the "iron" switch which puts a transformer on the mic input giving...

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Hand Crafted Analog Colouring Devices

...for this circuit. Porter-Grinder precision EQ 2 x 4 band equaliser 23 step Blore-Edwards switches for gain and Frequency control Channels are matched Six Q settings per mid band, 5 Q settings per low/high band Shelving mode on high and low bands (switchable on the Q) Gain of 0.5dB steps and a max of 5.5dB cut or boost per...

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DBX 530 and Midas 512 Parametric EQs

That board looks cool! I wasn't aware of that one. Sold my A&H 32/8 a couple years ago and I REALLY miss mixing on a console... The KT stuff is pretty cool. I sold my EQP just because I needed to slim down a bit. But sold some other stuff so will prob pick a pair...

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