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Baby Animal Mic Pre

JLM Audio Equipment Baby Animal Mic Pre
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Custom-built microphone preamp.


Focusrite Safire Pro 40? Any good?

...drum kit used the saffires pres. The Tom microphones passed through them, as did the kick. Drum mics Rode NT5's overheads, JLM Baby Animal Mic pre (I built this 8)...) Snare JLM TG500 mic pre, Shure SM57 Rack Tom, Shure SM58 Saffire Pre Floor Tom, Audix OM5 Saffire Pre Kick, Audix D5, Saffire Pre Room mics were Mojave MA200 and MA100...

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Pictures Of Mic'ed Up Drum Kits In The Studio

...cymbals. Kick 1: AKG D12E > API 312 > Great River Harrison 32 EQ Kick 2: CM27 (sorta like a U47FET) > JLM Baby Animal BA4 Snare Top: Shure SM57 > API 312 > Great River Harrison 32 EQ Snare Bottom: Shure SM7B > JLM Baby Animal BA4 Hats: Josephson c42 > JLM Baby Animal BA4 Crush: Royer 121 >...

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Where to improve my studio with 3k

...acoustic treatment recommendations. I have A beesneez Oliver and a Beesneez Elly, and a few dynamic mics. I have a jlm baby animal pre and a focusrite 18i20. Hardware recommendations only please. My thoughts are to get a decent ribbon mic and a decent compressor. What would you suggest for a 3k budget? Thanks...

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