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Inward Connections Bad Boy
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The Bad Boy 500 Series VCA Compressor picks up where its predecessors, the VC500 and VOGAD, left off. It provides a huge range of compression timing options, allowing users to dial in attack and release to suit almost any source imaginable. This versatile circuit is also coupled to the famed VF600 discrete amp blocks and an all-new Wet/Dry Mix circuit, allowing tonal settings never before available on an Inward Connections VCA compressor.

With its range of ratios, array of timing options and integrated Mix control, the Bad Boy is ready to tackle any source. It’s ready to work whether it’s leveling gentle acoustic guitars, smashing drums, tightening the mix bus, or even mastering. The Bad Boy is a good thing for any 500 Series rack.


500 compressor option

If you don't mind soldering and have some basic building skills (really not that hard), the Hairball Audio FET 500 series offers you 1176 rev A, D and F in 500 format for around $450 bucks. Very good 1176 clone. Otherwise, the Tonelux TX5C has dropped in price (look around) to about $499. Both excellent choices under...

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Looking for THE MOST versatile 500 comp

...a Distressor but 500) Compiling a list with candidates. Empress ECM-519 Great River PWM 501 Phoenix Audio N90-DRC/500 AwTac Compressor Western Dynamo 1909 Elysia Mpressor Inward Connections Bad Boy Tonelux TX5C Buzz Audio Essence APA Leviathan I am leaning towards one of the first two. I assume noone has hands on experience from all of these but alot of other /similar products maybe? Trying to keep this...

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Looking for THE MOST versatile 500 comp

On that list I'd say that the IC Bad Boy, then the elysia and the tonelux are very versatile, the tonelux has a lot of knobs though.. I'd also add the Crane Song Falcon to the party.. But at this level is more a matter of taste and what do you want to achieve.. howdy Cheu

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