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The T-RackS Classic Compressor emulates that analog, hi-end vintage gear used in mastering applications. This will give you that big, warm sound typical of highly acclaimed hardware devices. This compressor has some unique features on top of standard compressor parameters that make it very flexible but always very musical and creative.

The Sidechain HPF control allows to filter the bass content of the track before it hits the detection circuit; this avoids bass heavy mix elements (like kick or bass) to modulate the compression giving the well known "pumping" effect (unless that's desired).

Also included is a Stereo Enhancement control which works on the stereo field’s width: it practically equals the M/S technique used in mastering applications, or on any stereo tracks; this is a very convenient and quick way to adjust the stereo field width, with a simple control to make it wider or narrow.


compressor vst

...have to give reacomp a shot..... Classic compressor is good in its own way. It's reminds me of the old T-Racks classic compressor. It definitely does not have the control of the C1. In fact, I'd consider that type of sound at the other end of the compressor spectrum.

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T-Racks 3 Group Buy anyone?

...Plate Reverb $52.49 (reg $69.99) - Mic Room $37.49 ($49.99 Level) - CSR Room Reverb - CSR Inverse Reverb - Classic T-RackS Compressor - Classic T-RackS Clipper - Classic T-RackS Multi-band Limiter - Classic T-RackS Equalizer

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