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iConnectivity iConnectMIDI4+
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64-port USB MIDI Interface for Mac, PC, and iOS with MultiHost and Network Capability, Audio passThru, and Integrated MIDI Manager


Gear Porn thread - pics of your slutty setups

I finally got a iConnectMIDI4+ and was able to hook up the iPad properly, so its not a totally recycled pic ;) Plus I got to play around with a newly acquired fisheye lens. (rmb->view image to see larger)

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iConnectMIDI4+ real world experience review...

Hi All, iConnectMIDI4+ real world experience review... I have been at it for 3 days, trying to get the iConnectMIDI4+ to work and found that consistency might be impossible. I may be a little harsh below, so please forgive me in advance... and I certainly might be just a noob and confused. My setup is described...

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MIDI QUESTION- USB MIDI via USB hub or MIDI via DIN to MIDI interface?

Thanks for the insight. I noticed on their site under Windows 10 driver downloads there are two choices : - Unified USB driver for all current iConnectivity AUDIO and MIDI interfaces, I assume MIDI4+ is no longer considered a CURRENT device since it's been discontinued. OR - Previous Unified driver Can you advise me on which of these...

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