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Heritage Audio OST-10
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The OST-10 is a 500 Series enclosure in a 3U Rack format, able to accommodate up to 10 modules. As the rest of the new Heritage Audio line of 500 Series enclosures, it features “ON SLOT” Technology (OST).“ON SLOT TECHNOLOGY” takes advantage of last generation power electronics to handle power supply on a “per slot” basis. Each slot has its own power supply linear regulation stages , therefore modules are isolated from the rest. They just share the metal enclosure.With literally hundreds of brands making 500 series modules, we at Heritage Audio think this is the professional way of handling this reliably, eliminating issues often associated with sharing power between different modules of different brands and natures.Each slot features test leds for checking correct power operation (red for +16v, green for -16v), located aside of the slot connector.Thanks to the use of OST, the power capability of the OST-10 is 400mA per rail per slot maximum, with an overall of 1.6A (1.8A non continuous) per rail, whichever is reached first. Each slot has its own red (+16v) and green (-16v) leds for easy testing of the power status.The RAF Blue Gray enclosure is made out of heavy gauge steel with an aluminum front panel in the United Kingdom.  Phantom power available is 140mA total. All rear connections are XLR.


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My second OST-10 is now full. Newest additions are the Mono GAMAs, 19-09s and the Compex F765 rockout

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Cranborne Audio releases the cleanest, most transparent preamp on the market of which still has noise issues. The manufacturer described the issues as relating to RF. I have 3 different Heritage OST10 racks and the problems persist using any of these. I have tested different cables, lengths of cables, types. Also I was advised by the manufacturer to use a balanced instrument cable when using the...

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Heritage Audio Ships New 500 Series Enclosures

...Series modules have simply never had it so good. Like all Heritage Audio products, the OST-4 and OST-10 V2.0 enclosures take advantage of the latest in manufacturing technology to offer an unprecedented value without compromising audio quality — all built at the Heritage factory in Spain. The 500 Series OST-4 and OST-10 V2.0 enclosures are now...

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