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FET/RACK Revision D (1176 REV D)

Hairball Audio FET/RACK Revision D (1176 REV D)
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This revision covers the REV B thru E units. Most current reissues are based on this revision. Revisions C-E had a blackface front panel while the Rev B retained the silver and blue stripe panel. Changes were made to the stage and line amps so a bipolar transistor was used as the first active component. Low noise, or “LN” circuitry, was added to this and all future revisions. Like the Revision A, the input uses an O-12 transformer and the signal is attenuated at the input with a 600Ω t-pad. The output is class A, utilizing a 5002 output transformer. This is widely considered to be the most classic FET compressor sound.


What DIY designs stand up to the big boys?

...pres at our studio (Tube Tech, Daking, Chandler, Vintech, Manley) They're just different in an API sort of way. The Mnats/ Hairball 1176 rev D was my next project. I have never owned a vintage Urei 1176 but I rented one from Eclipse Audio (RIP) here in Atlanta a lot. I loved it. I've used...

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You have 4K for one Vocal Chain... What do you do?

I's a pretty good chain! :) What kind of vocals will you record? I'd consider the following mics as well: - used Neumann U87 - used AKG 414 vintage - Austrian Audio OC18 maybe? Regarding the preamp and comp, is of course a matter of taste, the bae and the hairball are pretty good! If you want an alternative you...

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Jomox Alpha Base

...machines are just unstoppable. I run my AB and tanzbar through my CAPI VP28Ss for that API spank, then into a Hairball 1176 rev D I built, then into an Elysia Karacter for saturation and maybe an Eq. Smoking drum setup.

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