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Great River MP-500NV
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The MP-500NV is a professional quality microphone preamplifier designed to re-create the vintage sound characteristics of the early 1970s large consoles. Modern components give the MP-500NV more clarity, punch and performance under normal use. In addition, features like metering before and after the major gain stages let the user drive it 'creatively' to greatly expand the range of sonic options. Any microphone will benefit from the power of the MP-500NV preamplifier, including dynamics, condensers and ribbon types. The MP-500NV uses the same audio and metering circuitry found in the NV series preamplifiers. This unit is designed to fit into a '500' series rack using 2 available slots. It receives its power supply from the host rack. The unit is equipped with a HI-Z instrument jack that has its own input amplifier and was designed for 'DI' applications. All specifications and performance details are identical to the NV series preamplifiers with the exception of size, weight, patch jack, -10dBv Out.

The MP-500NV has been tested and accepted into the VPR Alliance.


the lunchbox 2009!

I'm waiting on two Great River MP-500NV preamps to arrive from Vintage King, and my 6 Space API Rack will consist of: 2 x Great River MP-500NV 1 x Purple Audio Action I'm not sure what I'm going to fill the last slot with, probably an API 512c or Avedis MA5.

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BIG Preamp Shootout: API, Great River, Grace 501, GAP Pre 73, FMR RNP, Art, Behringer

The Contenders API 512c Great River MP-500NV Grace 501 FMR Audio RNP Golden Age Pre 73 Behringer Ultragain Art Tube MP Recording Chains electric guitar 2001 Gibson Les Paul Junior (drop tuned to C#) -> P90 (bridge) -> Mesa Single Rectifier (modern) -> THD Hotplate (bright & deep switch) -> Carvin Legacy 2x12 cab /w Vintage 30 (1 speaker used) -> sm57 (1" from...

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Stam Audio 1073-5

...but with the option to add eq later), a Stam with carnhills ( which is cheaper) or a great river mp-500nv. Any opinions on this?

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