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Great River MP-2NV
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The MP-2NV (two channel mic preamp) greatly modernizes and improves classic British design. This single-rack-space pair of preamps offer the same definitive sonic fidelity and expert craftsmanship as all Great River products. Transparency and vintage harmonic structure are both achieved with NV-Series preamps.

The MP-2NV achieves “new classic” performance status with two discrete Class-A gain stages (the dual gain-stage meters are a Great River exclusive), a front-panel DI input jack which is routed via a FET and BJT buffer through the input transformer (also unique to Great River preamps) for must-hear-to-believe sound from all hi-Z instruments, and a discrete high-current Class-A "big iron" transformer-coupled output amplifier. The MP-2NV is a fundamentally important audio tool that brings out the best in every microphone and instrument.

The MP-2NV has an internal power supply suitable for operation on any power grid. A simple change of fuse and proper positioning of a voltage selector will adjust the unit for any voltage between 100 and 240 V AC.

The NV Series’ construction quality is “like a beautiful battleship”, said one grizzled audio veteran.


Distressor really needed??

...this? And would I hear the noticable difference between my ITB compressors? Would I be better off buying a Great River MP-2NV instead and getting different colours from this preamp? I already have an Avalon 737 and an ISA428 so would a different coloured preamp help me more? Would love to hear your opinions. Thanks P

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Slate VMS vs. Telefunken ELAM 251e reissue haven't bought any plugs for awhile). It's useful, you bet. But my Heritage DMA73 and Great River MP-2NV...uh...aren't exactly shaking in their rack screws. At all. I'm not one who dogmatically believes software can never fully replicate hardware though. Just look at where we were 15 years ago,...

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Evaluating and Comparing mics and Preamps

...out the gains the actual sound is usually so similar that it doesn't really matter all that much. On the MP-2NV there is a 300/1200 ohm switch. It comes in handy once in like every 20-30 times I use the unit... and then it's because I have an old RCA mic or a 57 or...

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