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Great River ME-1NV
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The ME-1NV (single channel mic preamp) greatly modernizes and improves classic British design. This desktop (and rackable) preamp offers the same definitive sonic fidelity and expert craftsmanship as all Great River products.

Transparency and vintage harmonic structure are both achieved with NV-Series preamps.

The ME-1NV achieves new classic performance status with two discrete Class-A gain stages (the dual gain-stage meters are a Great River exclusive), a front-panel DI input jack which is routed via a FET and BJT buffer through the input transformer (also unique to Great River preamps) for must-hear-to-believe sound from all Hi-Z instruments, and a discrete high-current Class-A "big iron" transformer-coupled output amplifier.

The ME-1NV is a fundamentally important audio tool that brings out the best in every microphone and instrument.

The ME-1NV has an internal power supply suitable for operation on any power grid. A simple change of fuse and proper positioning of a voltage selector will adjust the unit for any voltage between 100 and 240 V AC.

The NV Series construction quality is like a beautiful battleship, said one grizzled audio veteran.


Affordable LDC Microphone With Multiple Voicings

...and 9.5:1 U87-style transformer) and the 3U CM-1 (Teal with edge-terminated C12 capsule)...both mics were tracked thru a Great River ME-1NV pre on clean setting, same gain level with no processing:

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Which one is Best Single Channel Mic Pre?

I would add a Great River ME-1NV to the list of single channel pre's to try under $1,500.

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2020 - List everything you bought this year!

...Matrix 6 Alesis Quadraverb AEA R84 ribbon mic MXR Phase 100 script logo R2R Rangemaster Treblebooster Ge Rhodes Suitcase mk2 Yamaha P2200 studio amp Acetone FR-6 Great River ME1-NV (my second one..) sommer cable, neutrik xlrs, trs etc i have sold: Casio HT6000 Sequential PRophet 2002+ Akai VX600 Yamaha TG500 various roland synth parts, waldorf display, xpander pots Makenoise Rene etc still lot of sh1t left to put into classifieds.. out of all...

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