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Grace Design m801
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Grace Design m801 Overview
The m801 from Grace Design is an eight channel microphone preamplifier designed for unmatched audio performance with massive headroom and ultra-wide bandwidth. The unit can effortlessly resolve even the lowest level ambient information, resulting in a sonic picture of absolute clarity and detail, which serves to capture the essential character of the music being recorded.

The signal path is fully balanced from start to finish, resulting in generous dynamic range, while high current output drivers enable long cable runs without signal loss. Included on each channel is a dedicated ribbon microphone switch, which shifts the preamplifier's entire gain range up 10dB while deactivating 48V phantom power and bypassing the decoupling capacitors on the selected channel.

An additional set of eight channel balanced outputs are included for sending signals to a secondary recorder, workstation or console. The m801 is equally suitable for use in the highest quality studio while also being able to capture every detail of a live performance.

  • Fully balanced, transformerless eight-channel microphone preamplifier
  • Fast, musical transimpedance amplifier architecture
  • High-current outputs drive long cable runs
  • Ribbon microphone mode switch
  • Precision twenty-four position, gold contact rotary switch gain controls
  • Switchable 48V phantom power, 20dB attenuator and phase reverse
  • No electrolytic capacitors in the signal path
  • Sealed gold contact relays for all signal switching
  • Highest quality metal film resistors used throughout
  • Two color, bi-phase LED peak indicators
  • Universal, regulated linear power supply with custom wound toroidal transformer


I need an 8 ch preamp, but the API 3124 is only 4 ch

I love the Grace M801 I use at work. Those can be had for about $4,200 new, if you can find them (I believe they stopped production). The newer model, the M802, is fully remotely controlled, and goes new for about $4,700. They aren't exactly API 512 sounding, but they deliver a crystal clear amplification...

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Grace Design introduces the m801mk2

m801mk2 high fidelity eight channel microphone preamplifier Preliminary Information In 1994 we released the Model 801 microphone preamplifier,¹ which was the first production model for Grace Design. It set a new standard of sonic quality and reliability for microphone preamplifiers, providing much better performance than the built-in circuits in the recording consoles of the day. It featured independent...

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Samar Debuts A New Figure-of-eight Ribbon

...broken. When I get round to do comparative measurements between SF1 and AL-95, I'll combine it with Hapi to Grac m801 ! I expect much lower noise floor at the same real-world gain level.

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