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The Neumann U-47 microphone is one of the most highly revered and sought after microphones of all times. Being a true classic, the U-47 really needs no further presentation.

Due the high cost and low availability of vintage originals, especially ones in good condition, a number of manufacturers are producing U-47 clones. The selling price of the clones are covering a broad price span, several of them are sold at high price points.

Any manufacturer putting a U-47 clone on the market is bound to get the same question: “Does it sound like a U-47?”
My take is that this is the wrong question to ask, I would like to rephrase the question to: “Does it offer the classic qualities and advantages that a vintage U-47 in perfect condition do?”

The Neumann U-47 was produced between 1949 and 1965 meaning that the vintage original units are now very old and their performance do differ a lot depending on their condition. The different clones all have their specific sound character too. So, it´s not easy to say which sound is “the right one”. As always, not the least as far as microphones goes, it will ultimately be a matter of taste.

Does the world need one more U-47 clone? Since we are now presenting the GA-47 microphone as the first product in Golden Age Projects new high end line, changing “Project” to “Premier” for this product range, the answer is “Yes!”.
After a lot of experimentation and valuable feedback from pro users testing prototype units, we did feel that it was indeed possible to bring something new to the table.

The Golden Age Premier GA-47 has been born from a lot of hard work and real world testing. The end result is a microphone with a very sweet character that should appeal to a great number of users and a microphone that can be used for the most demanding recording tasks. It has proved itself to be a great allrounder, this is not a “vocal-only” microphone.

The GA-47 is not a product that will be built in huge quantities on a big assembly line. It´s a product that is built by hand, fifty units at a time in a small workshop by a skilled and dedicated staff.
It uses very high quality components all the way to achieve the desired goal, allowing me to answer “yes!” to the rephrased question mentioned above.

I believe that the level of quality and dedication that the GA-47 provides normally comes at a very high cost, also in the world of U-47 clones. To make it available to many more users, we have decided to sell the GA-47 at a very competitive international price point of 1500 USD.


Golden Age Premier - GA-47

Hi all, I've been lucky enough to beta-test the GA-47 and in the end of the day thought this mic was just great sounding. A bit on the dark side yet detailed, the sound is never harsh, just beautifully there, large and present. The design philosophy seems different than the Warm version and I think it's...

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Analogue Addicts UK - Anyone Know of These Guys? would like me to record and compare with Pacifica or DRS-Q4 MkII, let me know! (I rarely use the GA-47 with the AA as it tends to be a bit "much", overwhelming sort of). Lauten Oceanus Golden Age Premier GA-47 Lauten Clarion Soundelux U195 Oktava mk319

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U47 - After My 45 Year Career in Music / Production

...several mics and see which one comes closest (to your ears). Some suggestions: FLEA 47 Golden Age Premier GA-47 Heiserman H47tube Pearlman TM-47 Stam Audio SA-47

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