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Genelec 1092A
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Active Subwoofer


Geo's sound post corner

...and Subwoofers. So lets break this down a bit. Genelec 1030A, 5 of them, plus a single 1092A (about the size of a big trash compactor). Note: we also have 1031A’s but I personally prefer the 1030A’s for surround sound mixing. Protools 5.0, Smart Pan Pro, Tweetie, Woofie, and Realverb 5.1. Axis Hardware/Software Panner. After pulling...

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Investing in a 5.1 setup

I have on one rig the following which outputs from Premier Pro / Logic Pro: M-Audio 8 Track SPL Surround Monitor Controller 5x Genelec 1029A 1X Genelec 1092A Sub Woofer

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"Mastering engineers" who sell mixing services.

...that for a couple of decades I mixed and mastered primarily on a pair of Genelec 1030as with a Genelec 1092a subwoofer in a multi-purpose control room with flat response in the mix position. I supplemented that with a second full range "audiophile" system, good headphones and a lo-fi boombox. That's what...

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