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Abbey Road CFX Concert Grand

Garritan Abbey Road CFX Concert Grand
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Passion Reflected in Every Detail

We placed the awe-inspiring Yamaha CFX Concert Grand Piano in Abbey Road Studio One, where award-winning engineers used the world’s greatest microphones and equipment to create a stunning virtual instrument library.

Every facet of this project reflects the perfection that only the most passionate can produce: the instrument, the room, the engineers, and the mics. Experience the passion reflected in every detail.


2016 Piano Sample Libraries - cautions and recommendations

...piano library, a customer generally should expect at least a bug-free version IMO. Everything I've heard regarding Garritan's Abbey Road CFX Concert Grand has been positive, and it's on my to-buy list. Good to hear you like it too. I've never used any of Soniccouture's instruments. What you mentioned about lame piano libraries --- well,...

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Yamaha YC61 Stage Keyboard

...Section from the bottom keyboard. This is done with the YC61 External Keyboard set ups. In the image below, YC61 is a top keyboard with the Organ Section and Key A and a weighted action controller is playing the Key B: What about controller the lower manual in the Organ Section with the bottom keyboard...

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Midi controller for "half-pedal"

Hi there! I am using Garritan CFX Concert Grand as my virtual instrument and I am wondering if there is a possibility to use a midi controller to take advantage of the "half-pedal". I know the CC64 is for sustain, but you only get "on-off" and I would need something in between, as it normally works...

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