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Vintage D

Galaxy Instruments Vintage D
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Legendary 1920 Steinway D

• Warm vintage sound
• Captured with vintage equipment
• Legendary jazz albums have been recorded on this piano

The Instrument

Bauer Studios' Steinway D grand piano was built in 1920 in Hamburg, the german factory
of Steinway & Sons. Over almost 90 years this instrument has achieved a
very deep and intimate timbre, thus providing an energetic personality and
a beautiful singing tone. Richie Beirach called it 'The best piano in the world’.


Best Piano Vst?

Best Service Galaxy Vintage D is VERY good. Check it out - you'll be surprised. kfhkh

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New Moog Minimoog D

i'm starting to think there is something that screams bull $hit about these aging hipsters and their ancient heavenly description of their original minimoogs seriously i doubt its the "aging" of the synth and more something fundamentally psychological - the experience probably of playing on the original etc the reissue is wonderful really

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Ivory II American Concert D vs Galaxy Vintage D

I still use the Galaxy Vintage D more than any other piano for non solo piano tracks. It just fits in a big rock track great and it's very easy on the cpu. Seems like the Embertone Walker 1955 Concert D is a current favorite of a lot of people but I haven't tried...

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