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DCAM: Synth Squad

FXpansion DCAM: Synth Squad
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Circuit-modelled software synthesis
DCAM Synth Squad is now discontinued and is no longer available.
Please check out Strobe2.
DCAM Synth Squad is designed to provide synthesis with real substance. DCAM circuit-modelling technology meticulously reconstructs the soul of dusty vintage circuits while dragging them kicking and screaming into the future with new and exciting ideas: 3 distinct synth models, advanced but intuitive modulation and a dedicated environment for synth-layering, FX treatments and further modulation.


DCAM synth squad..on sale

...the squad off as too "dance" oriented and moved on. And, stupid as it sounds, the website graphics and the synth squad logo kind of reinforced this idea in my head. Basic marketing stuff I guess... Well of course, cheap bastard that I am, I took another look after I saw the $99 deal....

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Do different DAW's sound different?

...that any automatic offline-bounce switching is not going to change the audio character. One example of this is FXpansion's DCAM Synth Squad, which defaults to 1x for both live and render, but offers higher rates for both if you want much more analog sound. The last time I noticed any difference in bounce-oversampling that actually...

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FM Synthesizer (brand new in the box)

Is does simplify FM, but it sounds so amazing. I've had Cypher from V1 of Synth Squad since long before Fxpansion was sold to Roli (which, imho totally ruined Fxpansion), but I've never gotten all that far with Cypher.... FM synthesis is really hard, imho, to great a great sound out of it. ...

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