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Forssell Technologies SMP-2
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The SMP-2b will bring your recordings to a new sound quality level. Its ability to capture all the intimate details, depth, clarity and realism of the recorded source, makes it an ideal choice for any type of professional studio or location recording.

The SMP-2b circuitry features a Class A discrete JFET design with a gain range of +6 to +68 dB in 24 switched steps.

Each channel has P48 Phantom powered inputs and Direct Coupled (DC) inputs for microphones that do not require P48 power.

Front panel signal level indicators are provided for each channel to indicate –5 dBu dBu output level (green) and output clipping (red).
Level indicators are single bicolor LED.

Polarity Invert, Output Mute and Phantom Power (P48) switches for each channel are also located on the front panel along with LED status indicators for each switch. Audio connectors on the rear panel are high-quality Neutrik XLR connectors with gold-plated pins.


Forssell SMP-2 vs Gordon Model 5

nice test... here... the Forssell sounds more musical, warm but colored. (could be the AD) the Gordon sounds more clinical accurate, but cold. i think a in-between would be Millenia Media Hv-3. or john hardy m1 without transformers. for classical music, i think Gordon, with Mytek converters or ULN-8.

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Can't decide which mics make this violin sound the most appealing :) Schoeps, Samar

This "prison" time has also something positive :) Should you like, here is something very new and special from today ... rather monumental ... all recorded with Schoeps MK2 and Forssell SMP-2. The flute was recorded with Josephson C700S.

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Forssell SMP-2 vs Gordon Model 5

We still have few last amazing SMP-2 preamps available ... (MADA-2 maybe too if ordered ASAP). If interested , please let me know ... I don't use anything else in my studio ...

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