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Scarlett 18i20

Focusrite Scarlett 18i20
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With its versatile complement of no less than 20 outputs and 18 inputs – including eight of Focusrite’s award-winning Focusrite microphone preamplifiers designed specifically for the computer interface environment and delivering legendary Focusrite sound quality – the rack-mounting 18i20 quite literally forms the heart of the modern digital studio, combining the central features of Focusrite’s USB 2.0 audio interface range: mic preamps that build on 30 years of experience and precision 24/96 analogue/digital conversion for the very best quality into and out of your DAW. Click here to learn more about the keys to Focusrite interface superiority.

Focusrite mic preamps, backed by 30 years of design experience and found in the world’s top studios, give the 18i20 an unequalled level of performance, with low noise, minimal distortion and enormous dynamic range. Dual front-panel inputs also offer 10dB pad buttons to handle the highest-level inputs. 18i20 supports both Macintosh and Windows computers as well as the iPad (Camera Connection Kit required).


Solid State Logic launches SSL 2 and SSL 2+ Audio Interfaces do a shootout video with in in the next week or two. I'll be comparing it to my Scarlett 18i20, as well as a MOTU M2 and the the pre's on my GAP Pre73. I'll be using a few different microphones for voice and a drum machine as well. How would I go...

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A letter to future gear slutz.

...I sold a lot of stuff. KeyStep, SP 404A, Blofeld, KeyLab 49 mkII, Uno Drum, Uno Synth, Scarlett OctoPre, Scarlet 18i20, Monologue, Streichfett, and the StudioLive 32R. I bought a Digitone, Digitakt, and an Analog Heat. After the MPC update without a Force update, I sold the Force in Frustration with Akai. I added...

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Channels 17-24

...16 via 2 x ADAT. So 16 channels. 1-12 are my monitors and 4 channels left. I have connected another 18i20 via 3rd ADAT. The RME interface is set to Internal clock source at 48khz...the 18i20 is set to ADAT at same 48khz...on 18i20 Adat out is set to analog in focusrite control....

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