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Red 8

Focusrite Red 8
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Dual Mic-Pre


Focusrite Red 4 Pre

...interface do not bare any resemblance to the transformer coupled preamps of the original Red 1 and Red 8 preamps, so other than the obvious marketing benefits of legacy association, there is nothing about the original red range included within this interface, well, accept for the red military grade aluminium face plate abduction

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AlexB Preamp color suite list?

...flat FatZu transformer = Fatso with transformer engaged FChild = Fairchild preamp (can't remember, found it in a sale) Focus8 clean = Focusrite Red 8 clean Focus8 driven = Focusrite Red 8 driven Law672 = Lawo 672 Millennium = Millennia HV3C MTP standard = Anthony de Maria ADL600 stock tubes Nman472 = Neumann V472 Portik = Rupert Neve Portico 5012 Portsilk = Rupert Neve...

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How much CPU do you save when using a PCIE system opposed to a USB interface?

Ok wonderful, thanks for the insight on the PCIE CPU details.

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