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Focusrite RED 7
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Mono Mic-Pre & Dynamics


Help me choose a mic pre for the Manley Ref C

I'll check out the Aurora and the Chandler...haven't looked at those yet. BTW: I have a 737 and Red 7 in the studio already so those will also get a test session with the Manley C.

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Plugins for voiceover?

...for other post/edit/production houses and expect someone else to mix them I keep things very simple: 1: u87 (or other) 2: Focusrite Red 7 with - gentle compression to about 2-4dB at most, depending on the talent - low cut filter in 3: Software EQ if needed to correct an anomaly. Typically a lot can be solved by moving...

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Focusrite Red 7 rattling

It was really scary to open it up, but it seems to work fine now! It sounds great, and so far I love it! Thank you! :)

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