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Focusrite RED 3
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Incredibly warm and transparent
There are few products that get the sort of high praise bestowed upon Focusrite's Red Series. The Red 3 is a unique two-channel Compressor and Limiter which offers both dual independent mono operation and true stereo operation from a single set of controls. The channel inputs and outputs feature top-grade transformers that provide superb DC isolation while maintaining an ultra-wide signal bandwidth and high headroom. Each channel has separate controls for the compression and limiting functions with a VU type meter providing clear visual indication of either signal level or gain change. In the stereo mode the two channels are linked with a common control and sensing network and all control functions for both channels are accessed through the lower set of front panel controls, offering true stereo operation without the need to match two sets of controls.


Slate Digital VIRTUAL BUSS COMPRESSORS - Now Available

...wanted to create plugin compressors that would replace his need to use the hardware versions. As an SSL XRack and Red 3 user, I can honestly say that Slate have nailed these units to the point that I couldn't care less about using my hardware if I had to use the VBC ITB. I...

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DMGAudio TrackComp 2

That's second on the list on the audiophiles poll. Right now it reads: - 33609 - Red3 - 670 - LA3A - Sta-level Then we're down to small numbers. But that whole list gets prioritised AFTER the next plugin. :) Dave.

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Vertigo Sound released official VSC-3 compressor plugin!

Hi, yes the plugins do support 192k. Of course you can measure a cut off at 40k looking at the VSC-3 plugin even at 96k. We modeled the same frequency response you find on the analog unit. We just wanted to stick to the analog performance. Does it make sense to work with 192k? I think yes....

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