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ISA 428

Focusrite ISA 428
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Four-channel Mic Preamp with the amplifier circuit of the ISA 110. It has four VU meters, an XLR input for microphones, TRS Jack for balanced line, and a pair of balanced TRS for an insert path, and an XLR for the output as a balanced signal.
At the front of the machine there are four TS Jack inputs for unbalanced DI instrument inputs (>1 mOhm impedance) There's continuous rotary controllers for gain and fine gain. There are three buttons for phantom power, polarity, and to switch the insert loop in and out. Then thers a course gain switch and a dim switch which attenuates 30 dB.


One ISA 428MKii unit or the ISA two & Audient Mico or RNP? Help things are going to sound in my own or a different treated tracking space. Basically bang for buck says an ISA 428 MKii for $1,500 AUS new sounds like a gd investment, but part of me wonders whether I'd be better off trying something like two separate dual pre units like the ISA two...

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Introducing the Neve 8424 Console

...bought an OPX and I've taken my time to build my list of pres for flavors (3124, manley force, pacifica, Isa428....etc) I personally would LIKE to have eq's on every channel but Its not a dealbreaker for me because I would eq in the box. I'm more in the market to 'complete' my setup...

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Audient ASP880 Vs Focusrite ISA 828 - Is the ISA really worth triple the price?

Hi thanks for the sample No doubt in my mynd that the isa is worth the extra money... Mutch more body and tone... but the Audient is not bad at all.. I would anny day make a record using the audient.... But i think you will get at lot more body and sound to work with...

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