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Fairlight CMI
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Here is the Fairlight CMI III Library for free in (most) popular sampler formats

Here, for free is a properly looped mapped and tuned selection of most of the original Fairlight CMI III factory library. It also includes a version of the IIx library with a bunch more unknown user content, imported on the series III. This apparently is what anyone with a series III would have acquired...

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Arturia Emulator II V: Missing factory library?

...currently uploading the remainder of the EII Archive it's a big file almost 500mb and another half a gig of Fairlight CMI samples

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Ensoniq LOVE!

...stage band piano. I used to volunteer at a local science center where someone had mysteriously donated a Fairlight CMI MK II, so I knew exactly what the Mirage really was, and was capable of beyond it's 'piano' duties. This was the future that you could afford *and* carry under...

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