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Expressive E Osmose
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Discover an amazing new musical instrument: one that pushes the very limits of keyboard expression. Prepare to dissolve the boundaries between you and music. Prepare to express yourself like never before.


There's never been an instrument quite like Osmose. A keyboard you already know how to play, but with new expression hidden in every single key. Meet the keyboard synthesizer where every sound offers you brand-new playing experiences.


Discover an instrument you can play like never before, where every note can be uniquely swelled, articulated, and curved.
Where every sound will offer you brand new playing experiences.


Osmose by Expressive E

ive been looking at the asm site again and if you play of the sounds of this and the hydrasynth..the osmose engine beats it by miles. the hydrasynth demos lack any depth or bass they sound very brittle in comparison and the hydra is priced more for less expressivity..only one worry I have now is...

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Osmose by Expressive E

It doesn't take much force to dig into the pressure zone on the Osmose. I think Jordan is just throwing a little extra body english into his performance! He's feeling it man. I played the Osmose prototype, which had a very rough case and 3d-printed keys, but I was told that although the...

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Arturia Poly Brute

string6theory, this is dude has been dropping bad vibes on people all night. I guess just ignore him, don't feed the troll.

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