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The MC Mix and MC Control comprise the Artist desktop control surfaces. They use a 100 Mbs Ethernet EuCon connection to control audio/video applications run-ning on a workstationcomputer. EuCon is a high-speed communication proto-col and enables control of virtually every application feature.

The MC Mix and MC Control can each run as standalone devices and up to four MC Mixes can be used, with or without an MC Control, to create a larger control surface. The Artist devicesborrow many features from the Euphonix MC Pro and System 5-MC.

The MC Mix supports two
types of applications:[list][*]EuCon-aware applications (i.e., Nuendo, Logic Pro) are written to directly support the EuCon protocol. They provide the highest level of integration, high-resolution controls, and high-speed connectivity.[*]Non-EuCon-aware applications that support Mackie Control or HUI (i.e., Pro Tools, Final Cut Pro and Digital Performer) can control many functions but are less integrated than EuCon-aware applications.

The MC Control can provide some functionality over non-EuCon-aware applications that do not support HUI or Mackie Control by sending out keystroke commands over EuCon.


Anyone get their little Euphonix yet?

My experience so far, aside from the issues detailed above already, which I'm now happy enough about to continue working with, has been pretty stable since Logic 8.02 no eucon related crashes at all.

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Soundtoys 5 released!

:heh: On this one I used my MC Mix to ride the faders a little bit. So much fun! Will definitely map some knobs once I have the time. I've also done a "virtual unboxing" showing all the interfaces with the new menus - as I'm not that well-versed with some of these plugs...

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Euphonix MC Control Drivers

Gonna leave the link to the Drive folder so everyone can get them: Drop me a PM in case you need some specific/older versions. Cheers guys

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