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EL500 Rack

Empirical Labs EL500 Rack
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500 Series 2-module Rack


Empirical Labs DocDerr module for API 500 Series

... Fans of the Distressor will not be disappointed. Plus, 2 of them in Horizontal configuration installed and linkable in an EL500 rack will give you a stereo/dual mono ELI compressor with EQ for under $2000.

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500 series - chassis and PSUs

...which means solid stuff, no audible noise, no failure in the long period. Then, do I need to know that my EL500 rack delivers power with spikes which are a nano_phantom (to say) bigger than what a rack from another brand does? I do not, as I said above, if I cannot hear it. However, I do...

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500 series - chassis and PSUs

I would argue that your view on this might be short-sighted. As for the sound/noise/etc: All that stuff you can’t or can’t easily hear CAN be very important to some of us because none of this gear operates in a bubble. Just because no one can pick it out in a double blind gear shootout...

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