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Elektron Monomachine
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Crispy, fierce, alien. The diverse synthesis methods endow the Monomachine with a unique character. Mix and combine the methods, all of them with a proud digital heritage, for a very special and inimitable sound. This synth walks its own otherworldly path.

Upload and use customized waveforms in the Monomachine environment. Morph between the waveforms, alter their shape and fidelity and feel the sharpness of the digital edge. A sound designer’s dream come true.

The flexible sequencer forms the backbone of the sound creation process. It gives form. When the special multi mode is activated patterns can even be treated as incredibly dynamic and layered sounds. A most powerful feature.

Synth voice features (x6)

1x Specialized machine
1x Resonant 24dB lp/bp/hp filter
1x 1-band EQ
1x Sample rate reduction effect
1x Distortion effect
1 x Tape-style delay
3x Assignable LFOs


6x Internal tracks
6x MIDI tracks
128 patterns
Up to 64 steps per pattern
Swing, slide, accent
62 possible parameter locks on each pattern step
12x Arpeggiators
Full MIDI support


128 Snapshots (+Drive)
128 Digibanks (+Drive)
128 Patterns per Snapshot
128 Kits per Snapshot
24 Songs per Snapshot
64 user waveform slots per Digibank

Sound generation

6 synthesis methods
14 audio generating machines
6 stereo effect machines
6 part synthesis

Synthesis methods

GND basic waveform synthesis
SuperWave analogue style synthesis
SID MOS 6581 computer style synthesis
DigiPRO wavetable synthesis
FM+ frequency modulation synthesis
V0-6 vocal synthesis

FX machines

Stereo reverb
6 tap stereo chorus
Dynamix compressor
Ring modulator


6 x 1/4” impedance balanced audio out jacks
2 x 1/4” audio in jacks
1 x 1/4” stereo headphone jack
Advanced dual DSP system
44.1kHz, 24-bit D/A and A/D converters
Flash-EEPROM upgradable OS

Balanced audio outputs

Main out level: +15dBu
Assignable outs level: +10dBu
Output impedance: 100 Ω unbalanced
S/N ratio: 100dBFS (20-20.000Hz)

Unbalanced audio inputs

Input level: +7dBu maximum
Audio input impedance: 9 k Ω
SNR inputs: 98dBFS (20-20.000Hz)

Electrical specifications

Unit power consumption: 8W typical, 18W max
Recommended power supply: 6V DC, 3A

Physical specifications

Steel casing with brushed aluminium panel
Dimensions: W340×D181×H63mm (13.4×7×2.4”) (including, audio outputs, knobs and rubber feet)
Weight: approximately 2.8 kg


Printed user’s manual
3 year Elektron warranty


FT: synths!!!

...V2 with Orange OLED Display Roland Juno-6 with MIDI interface (CHD ELEKTROSERVIS) Quicksilver modded TB-303 in excellent condition w/ Original carry case. Elektron MonoMachine MKII with +Drive, Signed on bottom by Elektron builders E-MU MK-6 Mo'Phatt Keys Shurthi with Roland filter and custom VCA knob Brian Castro built custom X0XIO with Green LEDs in aluminum case and full mods Want: PMC AML1...

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Are hardware ONLY groovesynths and grooveboxes now dead and just a part of history?

Elektron Monomachine, Machinedrum, A4, and Rytm are doing very well.

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