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Machinedrum SPS-1 UW

Elektron Machinedrum SPS-1 UW
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Machinedrum UW (2005)
The Machinedrum UW was a groundbreaking digital drum machine. It combined extremely flexible drum synthesis methods with a sampling engine. The powerful sequencer was the icing on the cake.
Machinedrum SPS-1UW MKII (2007)
Machinedrum SPS-1UW+ MKII (2010)


Analog Rytm by Elektron

Yeah, my MDUW Mk1 is not gonna be worth selling now haha. Oh well.

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Does anyone think the RYTM sucks? would edit quickly their level or how you will indentify them at a glance, they're all simple pulsating leds. MDUW == OT > MM > A4/AK > AR - And I don't own any of them but I've tested few weeks each of them, from a friend, or because I purchase and them returned...

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Roland TR8S - Drum machine with individual outs and sampling.

i have the machinedrum UW and i had the AR and i dont think that they really have that much in common outside of working in the elektron paradigm. UW is much different and a lot more powerful imo. the AR seems more geared towards live performance.

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