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Elektron Analog Keys
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While the Elektron Analog Keys synth is ideal for creating huge analog synth sounds in your studio, it's also primed to be an amazing live performance keyboard. This four-voice synth packs a built-in sequencer with four synth tracks, an effects sequencer track, and even a CV/Gate track for sequencing other analog synths. And while Sweetwater is no stranger to amazing analog synthesizers, we were absolutely stunned when we heard the fat, rich-sounding filters on this synth. Elektron has managed to create a synth that's incredibly relevant to today's electronic musicians, while also giving you the tools you need to create any classic synth sound.


Behringer DeepMind 12

...JDXI - $499 Korg Minilogue - $499 (4 voices - uni timbral) DSI Mopho x4 - $1000 (4 voices - uni timbral) Elektron Analog Keys - $1350 (4 voices - effects - multitimbral - dynamic voice allocation) DSI Prophet 08 Module - $1350 (8 voices Bi-Timbral) DSI Prophet 12 Module - $1799 (12 voices Bi-Timbral) Looking at this, in order...

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Elektron Digitakt

...obviously a cool instrument but god damn. Elektron with their tetris games in the feature sets. I rock an analog keys so I'm pretty much committed to the Elektron workflow now, and on that instrument you included song mode. So I used that feature. Now i have a bunch of songs mostly around...

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Drum many!!!!

Here’s my percussive cast, (Tempest just acquired...OMGrockout) Volca Drum is quite good, and cheap. Volca Sample Drumbrute Digitone Keys Analog Keys Digitakt Octatrack Tempest

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