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Analog Four

Elektron Analog Four
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The Analog Four is a four voice analogue synthesizer.
There are two assignable filters for each voice. They are analogue and have a 4 low passor 2 pole multi Mode topology. Additionally there's a distortion circuit. Each of the four voices offers two analogue oscillators with sync function, plus two sub oscillators and a noise generator. There are two digital LFOs and envelopes per voice, AM cross modulation, and a dedicated LFO for both PWM and Vibrato.

There's an FX engine with functions as "wideshift chorus", "saturator delay" and "supervoid reverb".

The machine offers a flexible step sequencer which stores synth and FX settings. It's capable of a parameter lock so individual settings can be saved per synth patch. An FX setting can be stored on a single sequencer step. Per track there are parameter locks. There's a comprehensive modulation matrix for various sources and destinations.
This includes the CV and Gate outputs.

Patches can be stored and contain all the FX and synth settings and sequencer steps and parameter locks.

The I/O connections on the synth are:
A headphone output, two main outputs, two external inputs, two dual cv/gate outputs, a usb port and midi in/out/thru ports featuring din sync out. It is designed to communicate with everything from legacy instruments and modular synthesizers to computers.


MPC live

I bought the Macprovideo Elektron Analog Four tutorial when I first got my A4. The tutorial was very helpful. If they have one for the MPC Live, I'll def buy that tutorial as well.

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Gear Porn thread - pics of your slutty setups

...To be hones: my first finished jam that I was happy with was done in one evening with my Elektron Analog Four only. I learned that I like simplicity. Modal 008 might look like complex machine, and it delivers, but it is simple in that I always know, where I am, what I am...

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What's in your analog synth collection??????

Moog Voyager, Model D RI, Model 15, Sirin, Mother32, DFAM (Moogfest build), Subharmonicon (Moogfest), Spectravox (Moogfest) Korg KARP Odyssey, MS-20 FS Kit, MS-20 desktop FS Kit TTSH (built from kit) Deckard's Dream v2 (NOT built from kit) Elektron Analog Four, Rytm Sequential Prophet-6, OB-6 Eurorack mayhem namely Make Noise and Mannequins

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