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Electrodyne 511
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Electrodyne Is Back!
The Electrodyne 511 500 Series EQ fortifies your rack with great-sounding "Golden Era" technology. Electrodyne consoles juiced some of the hottest hits of the late '60s and early '70s at top studios like Capitol, Warners, Stax, Decca, and Motown. The 511 is a 2-band discrete-transistor reciprocal-active-inductor equalizer with a smooth, punchy sound that holds its own against other classic American and British console EQs. The custom inductors and output transformer are built by Electrodyne's original manufacturer to exacting tolerances, delivering outstanding performance and channel-to-channel repeatability. The Electrodyne 511 - you gotta hear this!


let's see your lunchbox !!

heh were is the EM-PEQs i love the Electrodyne 511, but i gotta have my EM-PEQs!

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List of 500 series inductor eq's

...and where I think the inductors are located in the circuitry: Bear in mind that the LF inductors in the Electrodyne 511 and Helios type EQs don't multitap to a large degree and thus bandwidth narrows at higher frequencies, making them snare drum killers! :-) The non inductive lows of a Pultec are quite different than...

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Cranborne the only 500 lunchbox w/ ADAT? Any other way to lunchbox pres out via ADAT to expand I/O?

I bought the Avalon VT737sp I wanted for hiphop vocals and smooth/pop R&B vocals. I just picked up an RCA 77B (the one made before any selectable options were added/ figure-8 only). The booth seems to minimize that from being an issue. The guy I bought it off of has an Ampex601 he was using with...

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