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Electro-Voice RE20
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The RE20 dynamic cardioid microphone is truly an industry standard, a firm favorite among broadcasters and sound engineers worldwide. Its popularity also extends into music production as a premium grade instrument microphone. Its Variable-D™ design and heavy-duty internal pop filter excel for close-in voice work, while an internal element shock-mount reduces vibration-induced noise.


Anyone Not Like The EV RE-20?

IMO the RE-20 is a great, versatile and useful mic been using it a lot for guitar and bass cabs lately ends up in the kick drum a lot probably my number one "alternative to a condenser" vocal mic

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Best Value Vocal Mic Opinions'll get much, much more value for money with a dynamic mic like an sm58, or maybe even a used re20 or sm7, but there are plenty of usable condensors if you look around. In this price range every increase in price will usually give an equivalent rise in quality.

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