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Electro-Voice RE-15
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Description and Applications
The Electro-Voice RE15 is a dynamic cardioid mic created espe­cially for the most exacting professional applications. Emphasiz­ing a major technological break­through, the RE15 features a degree of directional control so effective that frequency response is virtually independent of angular location of sound source. The result is a microphone that generates no off axis coloration, yet provides greatest possible rejection of unwanted sounds. A super cardioid, the RE15 provides its greatest rejection at 150° off axis. (Typical cardioids provide greatest rejection at 180°.) This as­sures greatest rejection in the horizontal plane when the micro­phone is tilted in its most natural position—30° from hori­zontal (as on boom or floor stand). An easily operated “bass-tilt” switch corrects spectrum balance for boom use and other longer reach situations.


Mic'ing toms - under or over?

...the sound of the cymbal spill isn’t very flattering. I prefer a hyper cardioid on toms. Anything in the RE15 family is great on rack. I also really like a D112 on toms (not so much on kick)

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May 2020 New Gear Thread

Estate Sale- $500 total for the Arp, 4400, RE15 and the Koss 4AAA's. I could not believe it! Mu-tron and Oblique Strategies Cards not part of the haul.

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Sanity check, how would you spend 3500$ on microphones?

Speaking of studio projects, what happened to them. I had a pair of b1s and they were okay for the price. I don't see any retailer carry their products and I assume they went under?

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