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Electro-Voice N/D468
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The Electro-Voice N/D468 is a supercardioid pattern dynamic microphone designed specifically for miking horns, drums, and acoustic or electric guitars to perfection. The pivoting head design ensures perfect placement.

Advanced capsule design ensured a smooth and accurate response, even in the highest SPL situation. 3-year warranty. Frequency response: (near) 30Hz-22kHz, (far) 60Hz-22kHz. Sensitivity: -51dB @ 1.0kHz.


Designed specifically for instruments
Supercardioid pattern
Unique pivoting head design ensures perfect mic placement for use on drums, horns, acoustic and electric guitar


What's in YOUR mic locker???

wow... that's gonna take a while. but thanks! kfhkh and here are mine: 1 SM58 1 AT2035 1 CAD m179 1 EV N/D468

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New snare mic: M201 or AKG c451b favorite utility mic. Great on cabs, piano, percussion. A modern option I'm really fond of for snare is the EV468. It is a bit thin at a distance, but if you get it right in there ~1" from the head it is a really nicely dialed tone with very little bleed.

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Mic-ing Tom Bottom Heads.

421 on top with an EV 468 on bottom with a Y cable (one leg reverse polarity) is sounding great for me. The bleed from the 421 still sucks so sometimes it’s a 414 on top. Placement of both mics takes a little longer but it’s easy to hear when it’s right.

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