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Electro-Voice 635A/B
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The classic 635A live interview wired microphone is the most popular (ENG) electronic news gathering mic in the world. It delivers great sound and is known as “The Buchanan Hammer”—a nod to EV’s ancestral Michigan home—for its rugged durability. Also available in black


Omnidirectional polar pattern
Dynamic element
Incredibly robust and durable
Linear frequency response
Completely pop-free
Four-stage pop and dust filter
Effective internal shock absorber


8 Different dynamic mics as overheads

...32 converters. Mics: BD Sennheiser e602 II SD Audio Technics ATM23he Rack Tom Beyer M88 Floor 1 Beyer M88 Floor 2 Beyer TGX 50 Room EV 635a (2) taped to the floor Overheads: Beyer M201, Beyer M88, EV 635a, EV RE10, sE V7, Audio Technic ATM25, AKG D119es, Sennheiser 421 U5. The method: I used 3 large stand, with 2 stereo bars and a...

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EV 635A crew - what pres are you using?

...hand condensers and pres to cheapo ribbons and pres, cloudlifters and re20 etc. etc. to deciding actually the EV 635A I already have (got a 57 and 58 as well) is pretty well suited to my voice already. I've noticed from some old threads a few comments saying they can be great mics with...

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Austrian Audio oc818 vs sE T2

Nice, I'll check those out!

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