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Earproof Rockit
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Earproof Rockit® is an one size fits all earplug containing a membrane filter with a foam sleeve, which feels comfortable and sounds amazing. Not to compare with any other low cost earplug in the world. Flat response, ultimate seal, clear sound perspective and filter 15db.


Are my KRK Rokkit 8s as bad as I think they are or is it just me and my room?

I'm interested to hear replies on this as well. I have the same issues. KRK Rockit 8, gen 1's. I've had them a couple of years and thought they were fine until recently. As my mixing skills have improved I have noticed them not translating well. My room is not pro treated either,...

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JBL LSR305 vs Adam F5?

...up for the size of the woofers. Great product, but a little muddy bass left me even more confused. KRK Rockit 5s These Monitors by far were the most colored of them all. I cant even begin to get into the over colorization of the woofers. It seems like the Bass thumps away...

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Studio Monitors for Podcasting

...and a MOTU M2 audio interface. My budget is $400. I am looking at the JBL 305P MKII and KRK Rockit 5 G4. I have a Shure MV7 mic and MOTU M2. What do you think of the JBL's and the KRK's? Pro's/cons of each? Any other monitors I should look at? These monitors are basically...

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