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Emax II

E-MU Systems Emax II
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16 mono voices w/ stereo chorus polyphonic. Sampler has 16 bit 10 KHz to 42 KHz variable. 1 Mb memory expandable to 8 Mb.
LFO, 16 track sequencer and arpeggiator. The keyboard has 61 keys velocity capable and with poly pressure. The sampler has a chorus effect. It can be controlled by MIDI. There's a SCSI connector. It was produced in 1989.


Alan Wilder Emax samples and sample conversion...

...EMAX kfhkh I have found a couple on eBay, but mostly the Stereo Model 2212. Since Alan Wilder used the Emax II Turbo (probably fully expanded) I am a bit afraid that the samples stored on the disc won't load on an Emax II (Model 2212) with only 2MB memory. Does anybody have input...

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August 2020 new gear thread

Just got an EMAX II today.

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Is Old School Training In Music A Forgotten Pastime With Younger Generations?

I really don't think there is anything wrong with sampling. The first big purchase I made was an EmaX II when I was 19. I worked in a music store and I sampled every cool sound out of every synth we had there. Even used some drum loop libraries later. But sampling entire chunks of...

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