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E-MU Systems Emax
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Sampler with 8 voice polyphony with 32 channels configured as 16 stereo voices. 12 bit sampler with 10 KHz to 42 KHz variable sample rate. 512 Kbyte memory. LFO and 16 track sequencer and arpeggiator. There's a chorus effect. The sampler has full MIDI specification. the 61 note keyboard has velocity and poly pressure messages. It was produced in 1986.


taxonomy of early digital synthesizers

...VS (probably 250 or 500 kHz, 128 samples per period) Casio Consonant-Vowel and SD keyboards (600 kHz?, 16 samples per period) Emu Emax (~1 MHz) MOS6851 SID (0.985 or 1.023 MHz) High frequency fixed clock, jittery variable clock generation (jitter is equivalent or worse to drop-sample interpolation at the same sample rate, pitch resolution is worse) NED Synclavier FM...

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Post Your Synth History

...FB01 A Casio sampling keyboard toy thing. Don't remember its name. A long time passed: About 2006: Roland JV1080 2008 till the present Roland JX8P Emu Emax II Access Virus Rack Korg Radias Quasimidi Raven Max DSI Mopho Oberheim Matrix 1000 Yamaha TX802 Roland JP8000 MFB Microzwerg Ensoniq EPS Korg Monotribe Moog Slim Phatty Arturia Minibrute 2013: Access Virus TI2 Keyboard Maschine Mikro Emu Emulator II I still own synths marked in bold

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EMU-EMAX Keeps Freezing on Startup

I have an emu emax 1. It has a floppy emulator and a scsi2sd installed. When booting up it freezes but without showing any fault lights. So it’s hard determine the fault. It loads up if I turn it on and off again but it may take 5/6 attempts. It’ll freeze at different stages...

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