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1212M PCI

E-MU Systems 1212M PCI
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The E-MU 1212M includes the 0202 Daughter Card, which provides 2 line level, balanced analog inputs, 2 line level, balanced analog outputs, plus MIDI input and output. This is no-compromise audio interface, using ultra-high performance 24-bit/192kHz A/D - D/A converters to deliver an unbelievable 120dB dynamic range.


E-MU 1212M - worth? please help me

...converters as Pro Tools HD 192 I/O when their older converters when ( Manufactured ) alot better. E-MU Systems - 1212M PCI - PCI Digital Audio System Hope that helps. Peace & blessings peachh

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E-MU 0404/1212 PCI with Win 7 64bit

1212m worked fine under win7 64bit for me. I now have a RME HDSP9652 because I needed extra IO but kept the 1212m just in case. What makes you think the 1212m pci-e will be any better behaved than the 1212m pci under win7? As far as I know they are still using the same basic drivers.....

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Do Audio interfaces have a significant effect on CPU consumption.

My experience a few years ago: I finally replaced my old E-MU 1212M PCI audio interface with RME HDSP 9652 PCI audio interface resulting that I could easily play DAW sessions that I had trouble with the 1212M. Everything else stayed the same.

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