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Dynaudio LYD-8
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Pro Monitoring for the Home Studio
Monitoring in an untreated environment is never ideal. But the Dynaudio LYD series is making clean sound for the home or project studio a reality. Dual Class D power amps feed a total of 130 watts into a powerful 8" driver (80W) and smooth soft-dome tweeter (50W) for accurate sound reproduction. And three switches make it quick to find your room's best sound. First, a Position switch filters out reflective interference when placed within 20" of a wall. Next, a Sound Balance selector increases or reduces brightness depending on your room's character - great for moving between rooms with treated and bare walls. And finally, a three-way Bass Extension switch gives you control of your Dynaudio LYD-8's low end in 10Hz increments.

Dynaudio LYD-8 Nearfield Monitor Features:
Pro sound for the home or project studio
Sounds the same at all volume levels
8" woofer with low-mass aluminum voice coil responds fast and accurately
Coated fabric dome tweeter exhibits a natural top end
Tweeter tripod prevents accidental damage
80-watt/50-watt Class D amplifiers are light and loud
Position switch filters out wall interference - great for small rooms
Sound Balance selector caters to your mix environment with phase-free Neutral, Bright, and Dark filters
Bass Extension selector controls low-frequency energy with 0Hz, +10Hz, and -10Hz switches
3-way sensitivity switch in 6dB increments
XLR balanced and RCA unbalanced inputs
Monitors sold individually


Messe 16: Dynaudio LYD Personal reference monitors

As for lyd 8 is concerned, as mentioned they can go down to 45hz it's not quite enough for 8inch woofer. It's very odd. Will be waiting for the first closer look about these new line.

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Messe 16: Dynaudio LYD Personal reference monitors

In comparison to the 8040 - my personal opinion after hearing them side by side (including the LYD7) is that the Genelec's are better for listening to music but the LYD's are better for mixing as they are extremely unflattering. The specs from BM vs LYD series are a mystery to me as the LYD's...

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upgrade from Lyd 8

Hi GS I'm looking to upgrade my Lyd 8 monitors to a more full-range system. i have a pretty big room (130kvm). anyone tried the Lyd 8 with the S18 sub ? other options I have been looking at is Lyd48 and Genelec 8050. advise would be more than welcome :-) Z

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