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Dynaudio BM6A
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The Dynaudio nearfield experience.

The BM 6A features an electronic 4th order phase-aligned crossover with a crossover point at 2.2kHz, which feeds two high performance discrete MOSFET amplifiers rated at 100W each.

The low frequency section is driven by a low frequency equalizer offering a choice between extended, critical damped response or more conventional higher Qt response for more level but less low frequency output. Included in the electronics is a complex protection circuit, which helps to prevent accidental damage to the drivers, yet still providing maximum transient response.

The BM 6A is housed with an elegant matte cabinet with radius edged construction on the front baffle to reduce boundary effects and improve overall sound quality.


Amphion... Beautiful

...vertically. That makes me need to use headphones to mix bass. 2. There is some veiling of detail on the BM6As- production decisions around EQ, compression and effects are not in my face. I haven't been completely with my confidence level in my mixes. I was pretty much all set to buy the PSI A21s...

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New Dynaudio LYD 48: 3-way active monitor

" NOTHING translates as well as dynaudio monitors" :facepalm:

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PSI monitors

I definitely feel them "pushing air" on a punchy mix, though, in my mind that phrase conjures an image of something less refined than the experience PSI provides. It is more like they are shooting a powerful, clear beam of sound at you (excuse the ridiculous analogy). They do not sound "big" to me so...

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