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Dreadbox Erebus
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Analog Paraphonic Synthesizer

Analog 2-voice Paraphony or Unison sounds, only with Through Hole components
2 x VCO with seperate glide controls
2 pole (12dB/ocv) pre-fed resonating VC Low Pass Filter
VC LFO with additional VC Depth
2 x Envelope Generators (1xADSR and 1xAR dedicated to the AMP)
VC Delay/Echo
15 patches for an astonishing Modular experience
CV Outputs: LFO, Envelope (attenuated), Modulation Wheel (attenuated), Gate, Osc1 pitch (1V/ocv), Osc2 pitch (1V/ocv)
CV Inputs: Osc1, Osc2, Echo time, VCF, CV, GATE, LFO rate, PW , VCA
Paraphony CV/GATE outputs allows you to turn monophonic devices into Paraphonic, or even combine 2 monosynths into a paraphony orgy.

Differences between V1 and V2
Enclosure’s shape is slightly changed to a perfect rectangular
LFO Depth patch changed to PW
RES patch that had the ability to control either the resonance or the VCA is now only dedicated to VCA


Dreadbox Erebus 3

Well an extra oscillator will do that for you :heh:

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Finding inspiration in a digital world (looking for a great monosynth)

For Monos I´d suggest Dreadbox Erebus. If you are into 90s soundscapes I´d go with a Korg Wavestate... It´s hard to master the Wavestate but is insanely inspirational and has potential to sound like whatever you want it to be. You get loads of really impressive quality samples to go along with your productions and it´s nice...

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