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DIY Audio Components RM-5
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RM-5 is a purely hand-crafted ribbon microphone, featuring hand-made and individually tuned ribbon motor with a 2" ribbon made of highest quality Japanese 2.5 micron thick aluminum foil.

US-made output transformer with Q80 nickel core is used for minimum distortion and premium signal clarity. Signal level to output impedance balance is optimal to allow using the microphone with most of reasonable quality budget preamps.

Body is locally machined of fine grade stainless steel tubing with attention to all the details and mechanically matt-polished for its signature appearance. The final assembly is performed by well trained technician, each microphone is individually tested in both laboratory and studio environments.


Ribbons - That was unexpected

...all. Got the idea when I saw this incredibly sophisticated piece of equipment: It perfectly fits to block one side of my Diyac RM-5 ribbon mic, and I guess it would probably fit a Royer 121 also, or close at least. Here's what it sounds like. First pass is without the insulation, second pass is the back...

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Good Sub-$500 Ribbon Mic For Electric Guitar?

Always liked the samples from the NoHype Audio LRM-2 (or LRM-1) with or without Lundahl upgrades and the Cascade Vin-Jet (with or without Lundahl upgrade). Also heard great things about the SE X1r and thee DIYRE (Bumblebee) RM-5.

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Bumblebee RM-6

I just finally got the new transformer and it took me literally 23 minutes to build the RM-5. Amazing quality and super easy to build (finally!). Now I kinda want to buy an RM-6 ASAP and add it to my collection. These mics really beat other ribbons that are 4 times the price.

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