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Q Series

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-15/24/32 and 40 input frames
-8 Sub-groups
-Independent Stereo Mix
-Electronically Balanced Inputs and Outputs
-4 Band Equaliser and High Pass Filter
-Direct Output from each Input
-8 Auxiliary Buses
-8 Automute Groups (optional)
-48 Volt Phantom Power
-PA or Matrix Output Modules
-3 Band EQ on Auxiliary Outputs
-+26dBv Output Capability
-VU or PPM´s to order
-Detachable Meter Bridge


Audio crackling with new Haswell i7 build

Not completely true. I agree the Z series boards have issues but not the Q series. The Z series seem to be marketed to gamers and have many additional features that can get in the way. Q geared more to professional users. Haswell Q series are very simple elegant design without much extras. I...

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Acustica audio acqua plugins general discussion

I like ceemusic ‘s ideas below. More comments from me further down this post... I think far too many people hear “API” and immediately think mid-forward gritty American 70s rock. When the 70s were over and people wanted less color, they moved to SSL, which proved to be quite versatile. But in the 90s,...

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The DSLR thread !

It's not a DSLR but I want a Pentax Q series camera and all the lenses. so small and cute!

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