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Toft ATB, Midas Venice, Soundcraft Ghost or DDA AMR 24

Deltones: Thanks! Are there any others you would recommend? I hear the DDA AMR 24's are good, and there is one for $4000 in my neighborhood, but it's a beast to move, and I checked it out and it's going to need a good cleaning and probably recapping. It looks...

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How many simultaneous tracks can you theoretically get via FireWire?

hello. i run 48 discrete audio outputs via firewire to my motu 2408s, then into my 2 Alesis hd24 hard disk recorders. so when mixing i basically run 48 tracks into my analog console. its a DDA amr 24 and has 56 channels on mix down. hope that helps. buddha

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Consoles with minimum 8 aux sends

Have you nodded it Jim? I recently met someone who had a soundcraft saphyre that had been modded by you and they love it. Wiggy

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