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The Poly Evolver Keyboard is DSI's flagship synthesizer, a nearly-knob-per-function knockout that sounds unlike any other synth out there—except another Evolver, of course! Don't like a high-end hardware synth that requires wading through endless menus to program? Not an issue with the Poly Evolver's 78 knobs—60 of them potentiometers—and 58 buttons, incuding a keypad for direct access of programs.

An analog/digital hybrid, the four-voice Poly Evolver features four oscillators per voice—two analog and two digital—in a unique stereo voice architecture with a real Curtis analog low-pass filter per channel. The digital processing does not simply add effects at the end of the signal chain, but is tightly integrated with the analog electronics for tuned feedback, distortion, bit crushing, and synced delays. It can also process external audio and has separate stereo outputs for each voice.

The Poly Evolver is capable of producing sounds ranging from classic analog to more brash and edgy digital sounds. It is also multitimbral, with the ability to play up to four parts simultaneously through separate stereo outputs. And it can process external audio.

The Poly Evolver is not a generic "slab" workstation. If you're looking for realistic pianos and strings, keep looking. But if you want a truly unique, inspirational, real instrument, look no further.

Each voice is a complete Evolver with four oscillators per voice, two analog and two digital.
True stereo signal path with separate Curtis analog low-pass filters in each channel for each voice. Each voice has its own independent effects (feedback, delay, distortion, high-pass filter, etc.).
Highly accessible sound control for easy, intuitive operation: 78 knobs and 58 switches.
Clocked, pulsing blue LEDs and hardwood end-panels.
Each voice has an independent 16 x 4 step sequencer. Everything (sequencer, LFOs, and delay) syncs perfectly to MIDI.
In Program mode, all four voices play the same sound. In Combo mode, voices can be allocated however desired: stack all 4 for a huge unison sound, split or layer the keyboard in any configuration, and/or play one or all sequences at the same time. Each voice can respond to a different MIDI channel.
Each voice has its own stereo output in addition to the mix and headphones outputs.
Stereo audio input that can be routed to any or all of the voices, enabling parallel audio processing of external stereo or mono signals. The output of one voice can be routed to the input of another for interesting double-processing effects.


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...worst con on the P12 is no sequencer. That was a huge mistake to me. I used to have a Poly Evolver and I would just about kill to have its sequencer. My favorite sequencer on any synth. The bottom line is what you use your synth for. I am a sound designer so...

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Speculation on the next Sequential instrument

...much P12 2nd hand prices would go down if there would be a new and improved 12, or even a Poly Evolver 2.0

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Novation Peak

Is it possible to modulate the pitch of the delay lines with the P12?

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