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2 x 2-channel Bus, 6 x 2-channel Insert Ultra-flexible Signal-routing Matrix Signal router/switcher that allows connection of devices in six insert loops and parallel effects loops

6 Stereo Insert Loops, Assignable to 2 Stereo Busses
Flexible and Potent Parallel Processing Loop
Route, Switch, Matrix, Flip & Audition Instantly
Recall any Tracking, Mixing or Mastering Configuration
Seamlessly Integrates with Dangerous Master
Mastering-Grade Components: Components selected for both performance and sound, tested to draconian tolerances, breathe the analog soul back to life for stunning imaging, headroom, punch and detail
DC-Coupled: No transformers that color your sound or filter caps that smear stereo. Instead, DC coupling with massive voltage rails and Mogami point-to-point wiring for simple, electronic elegance. Bandwidth from DC to light
Audio Transparency: A pristine canvas for painting sonic landscapes utilizing your own personal arsenal of plug-ins and outboard gear
Hand-Assembled In USA


Dangerous Music Liaison

My favorite part of the Dangerous Liason is that the name is a particularly memorable lyric in an incredibly obnoxious Jason Mraz song...

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Black Box Analog Design HG-2

...the front, parallel in/out + hard bypass on the front. Lotsa options, but I tend to use my Dangerous Liaison for any switching anyway. All in all I'm very pleased and looking forward to playing around with this new toy. Arrived just in time for an album I'm doing tomorrow where the producer asked for...

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What's on your master bus? (analog only please)

My Updated analog chain for the master bus: Dangerous Convert-8 and Apollo 8-> Dangerous 2-Bus+ for 16 channels Summing-> Dangerous Liaison as an insert on the 2-Bus+ where i have these gear connected (Manley Massive Passive- SSL XLogic G Compressor- SSL Fusion (with Neve 8803 and Dangerous Compressor as inserts on the Fusion)- Manley Vari...

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