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Mic Pre 500

Daking Audio Mic Pre 500
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Daking 500-Series Mic Preamp

...hardware unit like the Mic Pre One, the Mic Pre EQ or Mic Pre 4 (48v supply) and the Daking Mic Pre 500 (16v supply). I think the stand alone units will usually sound a bit better for that reason. But Geoff has minimized the difference as much as possible. ...

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Major daking price reduction

...the US the same way, no changes to the product whatsoever to get this lower price. US MAP PRICES Mic Pre 500 $499 Comp 500 $499 EQ 500 Inductor $699 Mic Pre One $599 Mic Pre EQ $1099 Mic Pre 4 $1799 FET2 $1099 FET3 $1549 Prices are available at US dealers now. Brad

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Daking Mic Pre 500 Gone/Discontinued! ?

...get the last stock of. On another note: Do you have the spec sheet for the power draw of the Daking Mic Pre 500 in mA? Trying to find a suitable 1ru chassis if one exists with a clean enough power supply and enough amperage to run two Daking Pre 500s and possibly another 500...

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