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The UTrack24 24-Channel Recorder-Player-USB Interface for Mac and PC from Cymatic Audio is a standalone, USB hard drive-based, 24-track recorder. It is used to capture, playback and edit audio in applications such as live rehearsals, recording studios, sound checks and more. It features 24 channels of balanced input/output through 25-pin D-Sub connectors.

The UTrack24 records 24-bit resolution, 96 kHz sample rate directly to off-the-shelf USB hard drives. It is built with a large, detailed LCD screen, dedicated menu buttons, and rotary push controls. The large illuminated front panel transport controls allow for fast and intuitive adjustment of various settings. The BNC Word Clock Input/Output allows integration into larger digital systems.

This recorder features an internal DSP mixer and allows internal monitoring of the stereo mix, and all 24 inputs, through a front-panel headphone output. Adjust level, panning, mute, and solo for all 24-inputs with detailed 24-segment hardware input metering. A RJ-45 connection is offered for future implementation of remote control features from external software. The UTrack24 when used as an interface is OS X, Windows, and iOS compatible.


Cymatic Audio uTrack 24 Recorder/Player/Interface NEW NAMM 2014

uTrack24 uTrack24 NEW!!! Shipping Q2 2014 $999MAP 24-in / 24-out Recorder-Player-Interface Building on the development of the LR-16 and LP-16, Cymatic Audio proudly introduces the uTrack24...the professional's recorder, player and interface. Three products in one, the uTrack-24 represents an unprecedented value. 24-Channel Multi-Track Recorder Allows connection of 24 channels of balanced input/output through 25-pin D-Sub connectors Alternate format 24x24 I/O...

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Live Recording & FOH Mixing on X32 - 3 day Event

...redundancy), so you'd still need a second X32 to make this possible. A X-Dante-card would give you two redundant outputs. The uTrack24, uTrack-X32 and LR-16 have discrete communication requirements, and can only be used in either standalone mode or interface mode at any given time. Be sure not to have a hard drive connected to your...

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Transferring individual tracks through d-bus

Exactly what I was wondering. Thank you!

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